National Hero: Teacher Cavelle

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Teacher Cavelle

Another National Hero to Bolans Village, and Antigua and Barbuda

There is another national hero that must be recognized. This National and Community hero is Dorothea Cavelle Sheppard (Teacher Cavelle Or Ms. Sheppard). This lady is amazing.

I remember attending Bolans Primary School, in junior 5, and having discussions with this teacher and my fellow classmates at that time about the fact teacher Cavelle was teaching them and also taught some of her current students’ parents. Practically all my siblings were taught by teacher Cavelle.

Teacher Cavelle was such a nice, sweet and brilliant teacher. She literally made learning easy. I was about to say I cannot recall her being unfair to any student but what I should say is that I can clearly remember she was never unfair, rude or abusive to any student.

This woman was sweet and cared for all her students. She pushed us to strive for greatness. She put the work in and went above and beyond, far beyond what a civilized society expected from a teacher and far beyond her pay grade to contribute positively to the community and the nation. Teacher Cavelle is of national importance; her work has national impact and substantial merit.

I remember a time something happened at home so my punishment from my mother was to be sent back to school at 1pm (we had lunch time from 12pm to 1pm, which practically everyone would go home to get lunch and walk back to school) without lunch. I expressed this to Teacher Cavelle, and she pulled out $5 and sent me to Aaron shop to buy something to eat (put in the Aaron shop Bolans rhyme here, inside joke, please put the rhyme in the comment section below).

However, I got bread, butter, and salami and a fruit bag. I was allowed to eat it in class. I remember teacher Cavelle said, did you ask if you can eat in class? Because I went back to my seat and started to eat, I did not want to miss class. But I asked and she said yes, after telling me I needed to ask. Ha ha ha ha ha. I am telling you this woman has class.

She was honestly like this. She was one of my favorite teachers, all my favorite teachers or I should say, most of my favorite teachers, came from Bolans Primary school and Teacher Cavelle was at the helm of this list. I think if you have a teacher that not only teaches but also loves that is highly conducive to your motivation to learn and in fact, allows you to learn easier.

It is always good to have a teacher that will save you from being spanked from your parent ha ha ha ha ha. A teacher that is willing to spend her money on you unlike the various political parties who is more focused on their salary and as much as they can get from their position. I am happy Teacher Cavelle did not say I can’t help you like the ministers of government have told you and myself.

Teacher Cavelle sadly has been forgotten (usual Antiguan thing) but those in authority (who just read remembered themself for a pay raise) and this community, Bolans Village, have truly not recognized who the people are that are important to you and your future. You are not able to see who is 100% for you and not trying to get something from you. Who is not in it for quid pro quo but for the betterment of you, care and because it is the moral thing to do.

These people like Teacher Cavelle have given you much more in this world, selflessly, for nothing in return. I thought I could teach people to think bigger, better, morally, but I realize that probably will not happen, but like Teacher Cavelle did for all her students, I will not give up on you all.

Because this is what Teacher Cavelle has taught me and I have learned from the best, Teacher Cavelle. I want nothing for what I do. I truly want nothing but to help others and to get rid of this survivor’s guilt that I am suffering, and this is why I am doing my best to make a positive difference like my teacher Cavelle. I hope one day to be even half as great as her.

Please remember people like Teacher Cavelle and her principles. Remember the beautiful teacher, with amazing beauty outside and inside. You know as a kid I use to say to myself how beautiful Teacher Cavelle is with her long, shiny, straight, and perfect hair. Her complexion was so amazing but her inside is even more beautiful and angelic. I thank her for everything.

Immediately I thought about a scholarship in her name for the Bolans Primary School. For these people I want to do so many things, but that country makes doing this nearly impossible. Just like it is nearly impossible to get the government (ABLP and UPP) to recognize vitally important folks like Teacher Cavelle. Rest in Peace.


Comment below. I expect to see over 100 comments below, as long as the online news portals have such viewers.

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