Comprehensive Security Preparations Underway for SIDS Conference, Says Commissioner Rodney

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

Commissioner of Police Atlee Rodney Discusses SIDS Conference Preparations and General Crime Matters

Commissioner of Police Atlee Rodney addressed several pressing issues including the security preparations for the upcoming SIDS conference and the general crime situation in Antigua and Barbuda.

Security Preparations for SIDS Conference

Commissioner Rodney expressed confidence in the state of readiness for the SIDS conference, emphasizing the extensive planning and collaboration with international and regional partners. “From the security standpoint, we are quite comfortable with where we are,” Rodney stated. “We have done a lot of work in the past, and I think we are ready to execute the operation planned for SIDS.”

The preparations have involved not only local efforts but also significant international assistance. “We started early from last year, interacting with our international and regional partners, including the UN security officers,” Rodney explained. He highlighted the ongoing dialogue and meetings with UN security officials and other stakeholders to ensure the conference’s security.

Comprehensive Involvement of the Police Force

The entire police force will be actively involved in ensuring the conference’s safety. Officers will be assigned to various duties, including venue security and regular policing activities across the island. “The normal daily responsibilities of the police do not subside,” Rodney noted. “We still have to run courts, investigate matters, and continue our patrols and stop-and-search operations.”

Training and Development

Rodney emphasized the quality of training provided to officers in preparation for the conference. “Officers who will be working with dignitaries and heads of state have received additional training in close protection,” he said. The training has also included rehearsals and refreshers for officers on various security details, ensuring they are well-prepared for their roles.

The commissioner highlighted the long-term benefits of this training. “It gives officers confidence in their abilities and prepares them for similar duties in the future, whether in Antigua or elsewhere,” he stated. “The exposure to additional training is beneficial to the individual, the organization, and the country.”

Access and Traffic Management

Rodney provided details on the access and traffic management plans for the conference. There will be strict access controls, including scanners and body searches, to ensure the security of the conference site. “Areas exclusive to the conference will have tighter security, and only those with access passes will be allowed in,” he explained.

To minimize traffic disruptions, the police have set up checkpoints and diversion routes. “We ask the public to avoid unnecessary traffic along the Java Walk Road and use alternative routes,” Rodney urged. “We expect cooperation from the citizens to ensure a smooth and secure event.”

Addressing Public Concerns

The commissioner acknowledged the public’s concerns about road closures and assured that measures are in place to assist residents and businesses in the affected areas. “Checkpoints will assist those who need to be in the area for legitimate reasons,” he said. “We ask everyone to adhere to the rules and cooperate with the authorities.”

General Crime Matters

Turning to general crime issues, Commissioner Rodney emphasized the ongoing efforts to address crime in Antigua and Barbuda. He highlighted the importance of community cooperation and the role of the police in maintaining public safety. “We continue to investigate and address various crime matters, ensuring that our communities are safe and secure,” Rodney stated.

Commissioner Atlee Rodney expressed optimism about the preparations for the SIDS conference and the overall security situation in Antigua and Barbuda. He called for public cooperation and adherence to the established guidelines to ensure a successful and safe event.

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