BlackBerry Smartphones Offer The Ultimate Social Experience

CaribPR Wire, MIAMI, FL, Mon. June 27, 2011: The BlackBerry® solution is the ultimate social platform and users can take advantage of its powerful social aspects with the globally popular BBM™ (BlackBerry Messenger), as well as easy access to Facebook and Twitter on BlackBerry® smartphones.

 BBM™ – A global phenomenon

 With over 2 million users joining per month, BBM represents a global community with more than 45 million active users. BBM users send billions of messages per month, and 70% of them are on BBM daily. The service allows users to chat with friends or groups anywhere, anytime and easily share pictures, videos, voice notes, and even their location. There are over 5.4 million BBM groups already created.

 Facebook® for BlackBerry – 35 million active users

With 35 million monthly active users, the fan base has doubled in the last 12 months alone. The app allows users to stay connected on Facebook, send messages, view pictures, and more.

 Twitter for BlackBerry – In the top 5

With 26 million downloads, Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones is among the top 5 mobile Twitter apps in use around the world. The app allows users to post tweets, send direct messages to friends, add and share photos, search for trending topics, and more.

 BlackBerry App World™ – Global growth

With an average of 3 million daily downloads, BlackBerry App World features a catalog of over 30,000 apps for BlackBerry smartphones and over 3,000 apps for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. BlackBerry App World is available in more than 100 markets around the world. 

A place to meet – Learn to share


“A place to meet” is a new interactive portal for BBM users that offers a series of “how to” videos, giving users a great overview of popular BBM features.

 Visit and learn to share.

 The BBM Social Platform was also recently announced. It is a new feature coming to BBM that allows developers to add the BBM functionality and experience into their own apps, such as for multimedia, ebooks, gaming, video and commerce, among others. What was previously a solitary experience suddenly becomes a social experience.


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