Balbour & Pino Realtors Ltd. Presents on TVJ “Home Sweet Home”

KINGSTON, Jamaica, Jan. 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – Balbour & Pino Realtors Ltd. is pleased to announce that it was showcased on TVJ, on December 2, 2012

Balbour & Pino Realtors Ltd. was recently invited by Wealth Magazine’s “Home Sweet Home,” which airs on Jamaica’s TVJ, to discuss and present one of their exclusive high-end real estate listings in Red Hills, specifically Kirkland Heights, and to compare costs to New York real estate.

Mr. Richard Pino, Managing Director, of Balbour & Pino Realtors, said he received a call from Wealth Magazine’s division “Home Sweet Home,” during his business trip to China back in October 2012. Mr. Pino went on to state that he was surprised, and thrilled at the same time, to receive this call while he was in China. Mr. Pino further stated that the staff of “Home Sweet Home” wanted to meet with him much sooner, but they were very accommodating since he was out of the country.

One item that stands out during Mr. Pino’s appearance on “Home Sweet Home,” is his comparison of the 8,000 square foot estate on West Kirkland Heights with panoramic views selling for JM$45 million to a 9,100 square foot condominium in a high-rise building in New York selling or US$39 million. It is amazing how there is a vast difference in real estate prices from area to area within a country and from country to country. As we know, natural land is limited, thereby affecting prices, but today, man-made (land-fill) land is quite possible along with the same high-end prices – Palm Islands in Dubai as an example.

Mr. Pino stated, “I thoroughly enjoyed showing this property on “Home Sweet Home,” and I hope to be invited back for future episodes to show and discuss real estate throughout Jamaica and New York.”

About Balbour & Pino Realtors, Ltd.

Balbour & Pino Realtors, Ltd. is a full-service real estate firm providing brokerage, advisory, marketing, and relocation services on the island of Jamaica. Headquartered in Kingston, Balbour & Pino Realtors is a boutique firm with international reach. Balbour & Pino offers comprehensive real estate services to its clients across the island and from aboard for its international investors.

Balbour & Pino Realtors currently has offices in Jamaica, West Indies and New York City. Balbour & Pino Realtors, Ltd. is registered with the Real Estate Board of Jamaica and the Realtors Association of Jamaica.