Yung Miami Reveals The Source Of Her Mental Breakdown, It’s Not Diddy

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Yung Miami is finally opening up about the source of her mental breakdown over the summer.

City Girls rapper Yung Miami says that when she had tweeted she was having a mental breakdown in July, it had nothing to do with Diddy as some had speculated. While on her Caresha Please podcast on Revolt, Trina spoke about the tweet that went viral and had many people reading into it as they felt that she was having a meltdown after her beau Diddy was spotted out with another woman.

However, the Miami rapper revealed that she hit rock bottom despite trying to push forward when her Godmother Trina’s niece was shot and killed back in July. According to reports, Toni Chester, the 17-year-old niece of the rapper Trina, was fatally shot in Miami, Florida. Two others were injured in the incident. Her death was particularly devastating for Trina, who had a close relationship with her niece and raised her as if she was her daughter.

According to Yung Miami, she had never had a chance to mourn her baby daddy, who was killed years before, and when Chester died, she basically shut down and couldn’t function.

“This was the real reason was we had a show in Toronto and it’s like a whole process to get over there…my shit wasn’t together when we got to the airport…I just got off a plane and I just like kinda just went through a death…you know my baby daddy died and I never got a chance to go through the motions because I am always working so it was one of those moments,” she began.

According to her, she had to call off the appearance because her Godmother Trina needed her.

“so it was one of those moments again somebody close to me had died and here ai am trying to go to a show and I’m like going through my emotions and when I got to the airport I was like I can’t do it and I just broke down. It triggered me so bad,” she added as she explained that she called off the show and went to be with Trina.

The Toronto show that Miami was referencing was on July 30th, and Chester had been killed on July 20th. Trina had also recently lost her mother, so it’s understandable that the entire family would be in pain from Chester’s loss.