Young Thug and Girlfriend Mariah The Scientist Jail Phone Call Leaked

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Rappers Mariah The Scientist and Young Thug appear to be going strong as a video of her jail visit over the recent Christmas holidays leaked.

Mariah has been ardently supporting Thug, who has been in jail since 2022 for racketeering. The two had just begun dating at the time of his arrest, but the distance and fact that he is incarcerated don’t seem to stop anything as they both express feelings for each other.

Now, it’s unclear why or how the video from the jail was released and leaked online. In the video, a clean-faced Mariah is seen without make-up, and her natural hair is in a ponytail.

Mariah The Scientist greets the rapper, “What’s up baby? Merry Christmas, I love you,” before kissing the glass that separates them. “I miss you and I love you,” she tells him again. Thug is soft-spoken as he seemingly asks about her Christmas gifts. “Thanks for my gifts,” she said.

“You changed it,” he asked, and she replied, “They heavier than the bracelets for sure.”

Young Thug also said he thought her chain would be thicker and that he very likely ordered her from jail. “I liked it a lot. I’m really appreciative. Thanks, babe,” she said.

“I miss you too,” Thug also replies to Mariah, who said she wished the rapper was at home so he could put the chain on her. “You look beautiful, you looking like a rapper now,” Thug also said.

The two also had a weird exchange as Mariah squeaked out, “Daddy am I your baby?” she asked before the video cut.

In the meantime, fans online had a field day with jokes after viewing the video.

“First of all how we seeing this??? Secondly, we all talk baby talk to our man! i turn into a damsel in distress, voice change and all!” one fan said. Another added, “Daddy am I your baby?” PLEASE I’d be tryna get everybody fired, I’D be callin up there for days.”

“This not even our business & what y’all want him to be grinning ear to ear to prove he likes her?! He’s in jail fighting for his freedom; ain’t too much to smile about,” another fan said.

Neither Young Thug nor Mariah The Scientist have addressed the leaked video. The couple have been dating for a couple of years now following the end of Thugger’s relationship with Jerrika Karlae.