UPP ‘Small Business Pull-Up’ Takes a Cultural Walk Through the St. John’s Public Market to Support Vendors

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

A visit to the Public Market is a favorite pastime for many Antiguans and Barbudans and the UPP highlighted this cultural tradition as part of the “Small Business Pull-Up Nation Building” edition.

On Saturday October 29th as Antigua and Barbuda gears up to celebrate 41 years of Independence, this initiative demonstrates the Party’s support for micro, small and medium enterprises that provide jobs and opportunities for many citizens and residents.

The UPP Team arrived at dawn to enjoy a slice of island life.

They were warmly greeted as they shared the UPP’s Small Business Agenda for Development and Growth with vendors and patrons.

Political Leader of the UPP, Harold Lovell, feels that it is important for the Party to continue to shed light on vendors and small enterprises as they struggle to regain economic strength, in an effort to support their families and communities.

“While nearly all businesses have borne the brunt of the pandemic, small businesses, which are the backbone of our economy, have suffered even more as many operate on thin profit margins and low liquidity.

“Our vendors deserve our support and we are committed to helping them generate more sales and exposure by giving them a boost,” said Harold Lovell, UPP Political Leader.

Since late August, the UPP ‘Small Biz Pull-Up’ has provided ongoing support by patronizing small enterprises throughout various communities, and also by highlighting the need for sustainable income and empowerment in the pandemic-recovery.

The “Small Business Pull-Up” will also visit the Bolans Community today from 2pm – 7pm to support small enterprises that were previously scheduled on the St. Mary’s South caravan last week.

In spite of the ABLP disruption, the UPP believes that businesses in Bolans should not be left out, since they deserve the Party’s and people’s support.