UPP ‘Small Business Pull-Up’ Spotlights Establishments in St. John’s Rural North

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

UPP Candidate Pearl Quinn Williams (left) engages store owner, Kareem Knight (right) as part of the weekly UPP Small Business Pull-Up

The ‘Small Business Pull-up’ has become one of the raves in weekend entertainment as an organized group of United Progressive Party (UPP) supporters patronizes eateries, bars, convenience stores and other enterprises in communities throughout Antigua and Barbuda.  Since late August, this social gathering ventures to a different constituency every Saturday, as part of the UPP’s ongoing drive to support small businesses and highlight the culture, connections and community pride.

The 7th installment of this weekly initiative was staged in the constituency of St. John’s Rural North on Saturday October 8th.  UPP Candidate Pearl Quinn Williams led a convoy of supporters from Harriette’s Roadside Eatery in Coolidge, to Jabberwock Beach, Hodges Bay, Cedar Grove, and ended in the community of Yorks. Embarking on this fun expedition that is equipped with a mobile sound system, supporters stopped at a number of unique small businesses, generating significant revenues and visibility on the ground and on social media.

Among the caravan of patrons was former Prime Minister, Dr. Winston Baldwin Spencer, who celebrated his 74th birthday. Known for his humility and a “man of the people,” Spencer chose to spend his birthday as part of this small business tour, patronizing and encouraging close to 20 small business owners. Many noted that the presence and support of the former UPP political leader was well received by business owners and customers alike.

UPP Candidate,  Pearl Quinn Williams who has attended all 7 Small Business Pull-Ups thus far, was delighted with the positive outcomes of the initiative in her constituency. She expressed gratitude for the level of support that she received from her family, colleagues, constituents and supporters.

“Small businesses are critical to the growth of our community and economy and we are proud to do our part to highlight and support our small business owners.  Not only do they help to create and sustain jobs, but they also keep the community vibrant and buzzing with activity. Unfortunately, many of them are struggling in a difficult economy and they welcomed the additional sales and exposure that they received from the Small Business Pull-Up.”

Kareem Knight, proprietor of R & J Superette in the Yorks community for over 30 years, was one of many business owners who praised the UPP for implementing the novel initiative.

“I would like to thank whoever came up with this idea for putting it together. It is a wonderful program and it is well needed by small business owners like me. I really hope it continues, because it really helps,” he said.

The UPP team also capitalized on the opportunity to share the Party’s Small Business Agenda for development and growth with patrons and owners of small establishments.

The “Small Business Pull-Up” moves to the adjoining constituency of St. John’s City West on Saturday October 16th. UPP Candidate Alister Thomas will lead the caravan from the ABWU Headquarters on Newgate Street at 12 noon. More than 20 small businesses in the community will be highlighted on the tour. For further information, please contact tel: 770-9940.