UPP Presents Its Record of Achievements While in Office 2004 – 2014

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

As the United Progressive Party (UPP) seeks another term in office, the Party will release its Major Achievements. This comprehensive 80-page report highlights the administration’s philosophy and extensive record of accomplishments during the period 2004 – 2014.

Despite a huge national debt, an under-performing economy, dislocation created by the global economic crisis, the demise of the Stanford Empire and the collapse of BAICO/CLICO, the UPP implemented sound plans and budgetary policies that set Antigua and Barbuda on the road to recovery and then positioned it for economic take-off, according to Forbes magazine.

“The true impact of our stewardship is reflected in the thousands of lives that have been improved and the legacy of our social and economic programs that remain in place. The UPP is proud of our solid track record of delivering hope to the people of Antigua and Barbuda during our 10-year tenure in office,” said Harold Lovell, UPP Political Leader.

The Major Achievements book will be launched during a virtual Press Conference on Wednesday August 10th at 10am. The event will be hosted by former Minister Hon. Jacqui Quinn and will feature former Prime Minister Hon. Baldwin Spencer, Harold Lovell, UPP Political Leader and Hon. Jamale Pringle, Leader of the Opposition.

The publication will be released in two formats: a free downloadable  digbook on the Party’s website (www.voteupp.com) and as a limited edition coffee table book.

Reviews of UPP Major Achievements

“Very comprehensive book with 80 pages of well articulated achievements. The facts are there with no hidden agenda.”  Ralph G

“A well chronicled account of the UPP’s years of service to the people. Thank you for undertaking this enormous feat which no other administration in Antigua and Barbuda has ever accomplished in a ten year period.”  Carol B

An impressive and comprehensive record of achievement which demonstrates UPP’s proven competence, vision, and commitment to the people of Antigua and Barbuda. UPP’s past performance inspires confidence for a future UPP administration led by Harold Lovell.” James Nanton