UPP all about mischief and misinformation, says the PM

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has laid into the chairman of the United Progressive Party (UPP) for what he considers to be her baseless castigation of his government.

During his weekly radio program on Saturday, PM Browne said D. Gisele Isaac – on a UPP radio station – had called on the government to use the taxes it collects from farmers to subsidize them.

The Prime Minister said it was yet another case of the UPP making pronouncements without any grounding in facts or reality.

“All the inputs for farmers come into this country free of all duties and taxes. Everything … all inputs – fertilizer, any fencing wire, any capital purchases, even the tractors and so on that they use on the farms – everything coming into the country free of all duties and taxes.

They pay no taxes, they pay no coverage on taxes, so I don’t know what taxes she’s asking us to use to subsidize farmers.”

According to PM Browne, “This is the kind of mischief you get from these individuals. When they go [on their affiliated radio stations] they speak with passion and they will give you the impression that the government is doing so badly and we can do so much more; that here is a situation which we are charging taxes on all these agricultural items when we need to be subsidizing farmers with those taxes – knowing well that they pay no taxes.

“Even vehicles and so on that they are bringing into the country in order to use on their farms, they get them free of all duties and taxes. So they need to stop this type of misinformation.” (POINTE XPRESS)

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