UPDATE: Andre is showing signs of consciousness

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

Updates On Andre shared by his family members

July 30th 2022

Thank you so much for supporting Andre on this journey.

This week is a special week.

The doctors have agreed that Andre is showing signs of consciousness. This is great news. We are grateful to God and all the persons praying and supporting Andre.

Now, this does not mean he’s up and walking around or talking. But it does mean that we do not have to worry of if he would ever regain consciousness from the vegetative state.

He is able to use his head to answer questions consistently and correctly. They plan to help him regain control of more of his body.

We still have a very long and slow journey. But thank God. Thank God has some conscious.

Other updates.

His body is free of those infections and his wound continues to heal. They are planning to put a wound vac on it to expedite healing.

Further assessment is needed in the areas of cognition, memory, and promoting relearning for parts of his body.

Thank you sooo much for your prayers and support.

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