UK court rules in favor of Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaid? in battle for country’s gold

The content originally appeared on: CNN


London’s High Court has ruled in favor of Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaid? in a battle for the control of gold reserves worth almost $2 billion held in the Bank of England, in a blow to Venezuela’s authoritarian President, Nicolas Maduro.

After a four-day trial, the court ruled that the British government recognizes Guaid? as interim President of Venezuela, and control of the gold should fall to a board of advisers named by the Venezuelan opposition, and not to an alternative board named by Maduro, according to a copy of the ruling published on Friday.

The dispute dates back to 2019 when Guaid?, then the president of Venezuela’s National Assembly, swore himself in as interim leader of the South American country following a controversial presidential election won by Maduro amid extensive human rights abuse claims.

More than 50 countries around the world, including the United Kingdom, supported Guaid?’s claim and recognized him as interim President of Venezuela.

Guaid? sought control of Venezuelan assets abroad, including sovereign funds held in the Bank of England, a move disputed by the Maduro government in court.

The ruling represents a significant victory for Guaid?, who has seen support for his leadership among the Venezuelan opposition eroded in recent years.

“This decision represents a further step towards protecting Venezuela’s sovereign gold reserves for the benefit of the Venezuelan people,” Guaid? said in a statement released shortly after the ruling.

However, Guaid?’s board won’t be allowed to access the funds until the legal dispute is fully resolved, the court also ruled. Lawyers for Maduro’s board said they were considering an appeal, Reuters reported.

CNN has contacted the Maduro government for a response.