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It’s 2023, which means it’s a great time to start thinking of updating those passwords and making them stronger.

NordPass, a cybersecurity expert, has compiled its list of 2022’s top 200 common passwords, according to research.

Among the interesting facts found was that current events affected passwords last year. The password ‘tinder’ was used over 36,000 times, the password ‘Oscars’ was used over 62,000 times and films and shows like Batman, Encanto and Euphoria were popular.

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Out of the top 200 common passwords from last year, we have narrowed it down for you to the top 10 most common passwords of 2022:

password -time to crack it – <1 second – used 4,929,113 times

123456- time to crack it – <1 second – used 1,523,537 times

123456789- time to crack it – <1 second – used 413,056 times

guest- time to crack it – 10 seconds – used 376,417 times

qwerty- time to crack it – <1 second – used 309,679 times

12345678- time to crack it – <1 second – used 284,946 times

111111- time to crack it – < 1 second-used 229, 047 times

12345- time to crack it-<1 second – used 188,602 times

col123456- time to crack it – 11 seconds – used 140, 505 times

123123- time to crack it- <1 second – used 127, 762 times

So, if your password is among the listed, it is common, which means it’s among the worst and you should probably strengthen your password soon.

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