Tim Hector Would Love J-Truth

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room
J’ Truth

Tim Hector Would Love J-Truth

By Makeda Mikael

Tim Hector and J-Truth are cut from the same rebellious cloth, exposed through two different ages, where the language and methodology to deal with repression and oppression of our island people are totally different!

The fact that Tim caused the government forces to use up more teargas in his time than ever before, is a clear indication of the heart of the rebel, and his refusal to stand down, even as ones would have young J-Truth cool out in these parlous times.

These days, words have been so normalized that even the hoity-toity use the Anglo-Saxon word in print juxtaposing the letters but not losing the impact.

Rastafari in our community have already accepted the power of the Anglo-Saxon word to run jumby, and their physical manifestation in the politicians of our times.

Young people are still sensitive enough to be turned off by the hypocrisy of our politics and government, treating our street educated young people and their university learned as if they are idiots.

Making a case for teargassing a conscious protest staged by young women is only done by Ayatollahs in Iran, not in 108 sq ml islands of 100,000 persons; and to continue to hold that it will be done again is the beginning of autocracy.

Young men in particular need space to grow and flex, and autocratic government is not the place for flexing.

Tim is known for challenging Government, communicating with the people and making his objections to bad governance heard loudly by audio and print.

Tim Hector was always current, and the musical and poetic side of him would have been attracted J-Truth, to support this rebel for the people and help grow conscious revolution in the community of Antigua’s young people.

Tim stood by the youth all the time, helping to grow their black consciousness, so all you who want to whitewash the rebel Tim Hector, and to shut up the young rebel J-Truth, STAND DOWN!