The man charged for murdering Vincia James goes on trial from today

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

(OBSERVER BY NEWSCO) What happened to Vincia James? It is a question that has lingered in the minds of residents for over five years.

The public may begin to get some answers today when James’ ex-boyfriend goes on trial.

The New Winthorpes woman has been missing since April 7 2017 when she disappeared without a trace. It is believed that her ex-boyfriend, Mikhail Gomes, killed her.

The mother-of-one was last seen on surveillance camera leaving her Old Parham Road workplace, Dixie Operations Ltd, shortly after 1pm on the day in question.

And even after several island-wide searches, her body has never been found.

Some time after her disappearance, Gomes was charged with murder.

Gomes denies killing her, but the prosecutors believe there is enough circumstantial evidence to proceed with a trial.

Additional evidence appeared to have been discovered in October 2021.

It was said that a fisherman found James’ identification cards in a pond in the North Sound area.

The murder accused is presently out on bail after a High Court judge granted him temporary freedom in 2020.

Gomes will be standing trial before Justice Colin Williams, represented by Lawrence Daniels.