Statement of Solidarity with Cuba from Local Graduates

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room
Cuban Flag

Antiguan and Barbudan Graduates from Cuban Universities

07th August, 2022

E. Maria Esther Fiffe Cabreja

Cuban Ambassador to Antigua and Barbuda

Blue Waters Drive,

St John’s

Dear Madame:

Please read below our statement of solidarity with the Cuban people in this moment of human tragedy and extraordinary challenge.


Those of us in Antigua and Barbuda, who have studied in Cuba, as beneficiaries of the phenomenal generosity and unequaled internationalism of the Cuban revolution, are deeply saddened by the recent tragic events in your country.

We can only imagine the pain and the grief, and express our solidarity with you, as we find it so unfair that fate has chosen to be so unkind to so charitable a people, already suffering from the long sustained cruelty imposed by a powerful external force.

Though we know that you are an extremely resilient people, we do hope that in this moment of tragedy and extraordinary technical challenge, not only will those to whom you have extended generosity respond in kind, but that those who have subjected you to criminal deprivation and undeserved hostility, might find it in their hearts to relent and let justice prevail.

Long live the Cuban people and their revolution.