Rotaract Club of Antigua Partners with the Central Board of Health to Promote Water Conservation and Hygiene

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

In a collaborative effort to raise awareness about water conservation, treatment, and protection, the Rotaract Club of Antigua has joined hands with the Central Board of Health. This initiative comes as part of the Rotary International Month of Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene, aiming to highlight the importance of preserving this vital resource.

The collaboration manifested in a three-part episode series, focusing on various aspects of water management based on tanks, cisterns and blue drums. Through engaging videos, the Rotaract Club of Antigua shared practical tips with residents of Antigua and Barbuda and the wider region on how to effectively treat and safeguard their water catchments.

One of the primary objectives of this partnership was to assist the Central Board of Health in educating the public about preventing mosquito breeding in water catchments. With the recent rise in mosquito-borne illnesses, such as dengue and Zika virus, this aspect of water protection is particularly crucial for public health.

Water conservation and hygiene are fundamental aspects of community well-being. By sharing actionable insights through our videos, we aim to empower individuals to play an active role in preserving our water resources and safeguarding public health.

The videos produced through this collaboration are readily accessible on the social media pages of the Rotaract Club of Antigua and the Central Board of Health’s Facebook page. Through these platforms, the valuable information shared can reach a wider audience, encouraging collective action towards water conservation and hygiene practices.

As communities face increasing challenges related to water scarcity and environmental degradation, initiatives like these underscore the importance of collaborative efforts between civic organizations and public health authorities. By fostering awareness and encouraging responsible stewardship of water resources, the Rotaract Club of Antigua and the Central Board of Health are making strides towards building a more sustainable and healthier future for all.

In addition to their collaboration with the Central Board of Health, the Rotaract Club of Antigua has been actively engaged in various community projects, further demonstrating their commitment to service and community development.

One such initiative was a disaster risk reduction management talk hosted by Mr. Anderson Tuitt from the National Office of Disaster Services (NODS). This educational event aimed to enhance community preparedness and resilience in the face of natural disasters.

The club also initiated the PEACE project within local secondary schools, striving to foster peace and harmony among students. Through workshops and activities, they promote conflict resolution skills and encourage positive interactions among peers.

Lastly, the club hosted a New Year Bonfire, creating a platform for camaraderie among members and instilling hope for endless possibilities in the year ahead. Such social events strengthen the bonds within the club and inspire members to continue their endeavours with enthusiasm and dedication.

These diverse projects exemplify the Rotaract Club of Antigua’s multifaceted approach to community service, addressing various needs and fostering positive change in their local community.

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