Response to letter: ‘Possible Ideas To Solve Issues Faced By Social Security Board’

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

Dear Editor, I wish to respond via a letter entitled “Possible Ideas To Solve Issues Faced By Social Security Board” by Gerald King.

Dear Mr King, since you mentioned me (not sure why) I must first state I like your passion, but it’s misdirected. I have seen no one via Antigua News Room comments, claiming there is no late payment happening regarding Social Security (SS) pensions.

The denials have always been regarding the claims of SS being over 4 months in arrears in terms of pension. Social Security has made it clear it’s no more than 2 months behind in payments. I myself have called them (last called Nov 5th) and they (senior management) have assured me they are not in arrears beyond September 2021.

It would have been helpful if the writer, especially of the November 4th letter entitled “Fed Up of The Situation At Social Security Board” provided a name.

This way the matter could be more properly investigated so we could get to the root of the issue. Help could have also been provided by other entities or persons, if there was indeed a need for such Note also in terms of SS, money’s have been borrowed from the Caribbean Development Bank by the Government,and at least 10 million will be shortly provided to SS so it can work on getting current (see )

The idea in your article regarding giving the Sunshine Hub car park to Social Security is possibly workable only if the building is complete. Recall some 7.5 million US being needed to complete said building.

SS does not have the cash flow to complete the said building. What SS needs now is cash or something that can quickly be made liquid.

CIP and government continue to subsidize SS and once the economy normalizes, SS should be able to fund itself from collections

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