Renee 6:30 Exposed Photo Of Demarco “A Do The Things Dem”

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Renee 6:30 issued a warning to Demarco not to upset her or else she will expose him.

The dancer turn deejay is keeping to her promise so far that she will expose private photos of the veteran deejay/producer to prove that he is bitter towards her amid their “Puppy Tail” fallout. Renee 6:30 seemingly revealed a compromising picture of Demarco in her latest interview on The Fix podcast.

The two artists are clashed a few weeks ago after Renee claimed that Demarco did not pay her or ensured that she profited from the “Puppy Tail” song’s success despite her creating the dance in 2014. The “Demarsha” artiste has always been vocal about being unfair treatment and disrespect she has received from artists in the industry during her career as a dancer. One of her grouses was with Demarco, who claimed he did not make any money from the “Puppy Tail” song and didn’t want to take her on tour.

Demarco / courtesy

Earlier this month, to secure a spot to clash at Sting 2023, Demarco name-dropped Renee 6:30 and bashed her for not being independent. Renee also returned fire in several diss tracks, including the latest “Demarsha,” where she threatened to release freaky photos Demarco sent her to prove he was trying to be romantically involved with her.

While on The Fix podcast, she showed the host a photo, which seemed to confirm that she does have pics of the artist.

“When mi show unu this unu ago see say mi nuh tell lie enuh, memba inna me lyrics me say ‘him fans might not believe if him make me if him make me get grieve mi might expose the pictures’” Renee said.

The photo was not shown to viewers, but the host’s reactions seemed to confirm that it was Demarco, as one questioned why she had that photo of the artiste saved.

Renee also said that the pic showed Demarco a “do the things them.”

She continued, “Yuh no see the likkle bleach out, memba she dem time deh him used to bleach out him hair pon the top, yuh nuh see say it was a while ago, come like yuh nuh see it she a man that right deh suh a do the things dem. Memba him hungry and him love him belly.”

Demarco hasn’t denied that he and Renee were romantically involved, as he claimed that he had several videos of her in compromising positions as well, but Renee claims that’s false.

“God come and bruk mi neck right yah so now me sure she nuh video nuh deh deh, dee it deh mi nuh see nuh lightning strike yet,” she urged.

In the meantime, Renee says the problem was that she was with his road manager every night promoting the song because she invented the dance. However, she said that the artiste never gave her any money after the song became successful, especially since the dance took off in the European countries where he performed.

She also claimed that she and Sher Luxury Doll promoted the song on social media and held the first-ever dancehall competition for the song, leading to many, including Rihanna, hopping on the trend.

She also explained that that was one of the reasons why she refused to be in the music video for the song.