Prime Minister Gaston Browne’s Famous Clapbacks Against The Opposition May Be a Thing of the Past

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

Prime Minister Gaston Browne’s Famous Clapbacks May Be a Thing of the Past

Prime Minister Gaston Browne revealed over the weekend on Pointe FM that his famous sharp retorts and clapbacks at the opposition might soon be a thing of the past.

Reflecting on his political journey, Browne acknowledged that engaging his political opponents in low-level politics, even as a form of embracing them or genuine friendship, may not have served his or the country’s best interests.

“Perhaps I engaged my political opponents in low-level politics as a form of embracing them, maybe out of genuine friendship,” Browne said. “Even though my responses were strident, it was not out of any form of hatred but just to be strident and sometimes even entertaining.”

Browne admitted that he has grown out of this approach, realizing that such engagements often backfired.

“I found myself literally growing out of that space, not wanting to engage them in that level of politics,” he explained.

“In the past, especially in my first few years, I would have seen that maybe as all concerned that people seeing it as being snobbish, not engaging, but what I found was that whereas they were operating in the same space, when I clapped back at them, they would then use it against me.”

He expressed regret for descending to that level, taking responsibility for the fallout.

“Maybe I should not have descended. I take responsibility and considering how they try to use it against me, I really don’t have an interest in that space. So that’s one thing I would have done differently for sure,” Browne stated.

Addressing the perception of being snobbish, Browne clarified, “I’m not being snobbish now. It was my way to kind of interact with them, but I don’t think it has really served my purpose.

“In fact, I was probably going down to their level, and again, I’m not saying this in any snobbish way. I don’t think I’m better than anybody. There’s nobody better than me, but I find that they really lack the capacity to engage in constructive debate and perhaps I was playing their game.”

The Prime Minister highlighted his shift towards more elevated and constructive debates and his growing disinterest in the opposition’s vitriolic rhetoric.

“I’ve gotten so turned off by the vitriolic rhetoric that I don’t even listen to them anymore. I’ve reached a stage where I don’t want to hear them, unfortunately. I’m hoping there will be some alignment or realignments in their approach to politics.”

He criticized the opposition for turning every issue into a partisan matter, including the recent SIDS conference, which he felt was an unnecessary embarrassment to the country on an international stage. Browne mentioned that even supporters of the opposition, like taxi drivers, were dismayed by their behavior during the conference.

While Browne acknowledged this change in his approach, he stood by the decisions made by his administration, noting that many of their actions, though initially criticized, have proven to be the best choices in hindsight. “There were many areas in which I was second-guessed and ridiculed, and with the effluxion of time, I think people have come to the reality that myself and my colleagues made the optimal decisions.”

As the Prime Minister looks forward to a more constructive political dialogue, he emphasized his commitment to engaging in more meaningful and elevated discussions moving forward.

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