Police say they were unable to locate who fired shots at sound clash

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

STATE MEDIA: Police closed down a sound system clash at Fort James Saturday night after shots were fired into the air in a so-called gun salute.

The gunfire was heard over the sound of the performances and cheers of the crowd and there was no noticeable stir when the shots were fired.

One of the volleys of shots seemed to have come from either a semi-automatic or automatic weapon.

While law enforcers pulled the plug on the event, they were unable to locate the individual or individuals who pulled the trigger.

One source said no one in the crowd was willing to say who fired and the nature of the venue would have made a search for the weapon or weapons difficult.

Law enforcers are asking anyone with information which could lead to the recovery of the weapons to provide that information.

It is not clear whether this will have implications for permits for such events in future, but there is a clamour in some circles for the police to intensify their crackdown to minimize the likelihood of a recurrence.

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