POEM: What Does Independence Mean To Me

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

As I drive through St Johns & feel the breeze blowing by ……..
My heart feels thrilled to see our national flags flying high.
The flag’s colour  & design is a spectacle to see
It creates a great feeling & makes Independence very special to me.

Now….. reflecting back to Nov 1st  of 1981,
When our leaders broke the shackles from that country called Britain
Thank God, we are no longer govern, by the colonial powers that be
This is why Independence will always mean alot to me.

Oh Yes, we now have our own our flag, and own our own passport;
We make our own laws, to govern at heart.
We have our own military, to protect our sovereignty
Surely, Independence will always be sentimental  to me.

Now, when we  stand to attention to our national anthem;
It shows respect & allegiance to this beautiful nation.
And when we take time to exercise our civic duty
Shoudn’t Independence be always pleasing to me?

Furthermore…… look at our ladies, flaunting their madras with pride
And the men showcasing their national colors at the women’s side
Look at our school rallies, it is so beautiful to see
It just makes Independence even more meaningful to me.

Of course, you just might share a different view
Yes, I am referring to you you & you
But when Antiguans are known for nyaming saltfish & fungee
I cant help but make Independence  spectacular for me.

Certainly, our heroes in my view, cannot be forgotten
Persons like King Cort, George Walter & the father of the Nation.
When we hear stories of Lester,  teacher Nellie & our living hero, Sir Vivi
I will admit, that all this make Independence extremely wonderful for me.
So, as a proud Antiguan  i will certainly say
That i will defend this country any day
Antigua & Barbuda is where my heart will always be
Bcuz it’s a sweet little paradise which means the world to me.