Part 2 – Harold Lovell purporting that the Country is in grave danger if the PM does not take a medication called Risperdal

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

Hon Gaston Browne – Chief Servant

Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda

Head of the Cabinet

Minister of Finance

Political Leader of the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party

St. John’s

Antigua and Barbuda

10th November 2022

Dear Hon Gaston Browne – Chief Servant,

Thank you for your email to me of 31st Oct 2022 – See below for ease of reference.  It appears in this email that you had made your response to the UPP and not to us the electorate who are waiting for you to come publicly to answer the four questions and produce the evidence stated in my email to you of 31st Oct 2022 – See below for ease of reference.

As you are well aware you will be coming shortly to us your employer with the hope of us electing you as our new Leader/Prime Minister in the upcoming elections. However, every day that goes by and the evidence is not produce concerning this matter it does not look good on your part. It appears that you don’t want us your employer to make an informed decision as to who we elect for the job of Prime Minister.

You have publicly stated previously on your Saturday radio show, as knowing that once you lack integrity you cannot govern – See below a link of the recording of your statement concerning this.

Once again, as the Chief Servant you would know that the electorate are looking for in this upcoming election, a Prime Minister who will truly show integrity, good governance, transparency and accountability while in Government. Base on this issue and another issue that I have presented to you previously, it appears that as the Prime Minister you seem to have a serious issue with integrity, good governance, transparency, accountability and with producing evidence (Examples: documents, text messages, recordings, etc.)

Once again, the electorate are expecting better from their Chief Servant. As you stated previously on your Saturday Pointe FM radio show, a word to the wise is sufficient – See below a link of the recording of your statement concerning this.

I would like to end by sending you a youtube link for a song called Take Warning by Eddie Hooper. Hopefully this song can assist you with making not only good decisions for your life but also the decisions you make concerning the lives of others.

aka – 268KingLiar Detector