Nicki Minaj Suggests Cardi B Stole Her Blonde Style, Cardi B Claps Back

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Cardi B went off on Nicki Minaj fans on Saturday after they claimed she was copying Nicki Minaj’s style after she popped up in a white fur coat and blonde hair.

The Barbz always pressed Cardi B for any reason as they compared her with the Queens rapper. In the latest drama between them, the Barbz and Nicki Minaj seemingly claimed that the “Wap” rapper had bitten her style after she popped up in a platinum blonde wig and a white oversized fur coat.

After Cardi posted the image of herself, Minaj popped up on Instagram, quoting the lyrics from her track “Barbie Dangerous,” from the Pink Friday 2 album. “B**hes Jackin. I’m still Queenin,” the Queens rapper wrote on Instagram.

Cardi B also called out her critics for claiming she stole the style. “You mother**king fans and b*tches are crying about a coat that I had on for 45 secs leaving from my house to the car. I been inside the club with that sh*t. That’s an old coat; I had to put that sh*t so my aunt can shut the f**k up, ‘aye you gon get sick, put a coat on,’” Cardi said.

She continued, “Archive piece in my closet, shut the f**k up. Y’all always watching me trying to find sh*t, I don’t give a f**k about these b**tches… I don’t watch these b**ches; b**ches can’t dress to me; y’all dumb? Damn.”

Nicki has not commented on the response by Cardi B, but this is the second time in a week that Nicki appears to be antagonizing Cardi B. After the rapper had a meltdown on the internet a week ago, Nicki posted what seemed to be a photo of Michael Jackson leaning out of a car and seemingly taunting paparazzi.

Many thought the photo was a lick at Offset, who has, in recent times, taken to dressing like Michael Jackson, who is his icon.