Nicki Minaj Cried Uncontrollably After Hearing J. Cole’s ‘PF2’ Verse

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Nicki Minaj says she had an impromptu therapy session with J. Cole before they laid a track together.

Pink Friday 2, Nicki Minaj’s long-awaited sequel to her 2010 debut album Pink Friday is replete with shots and stars. Along with the Young Money trifecta being in full effect with mandatory features like Drake and Lil Wayne, Minaj also tapped artists like Future, Lil Uzi Vert, and J. Cole. Her and the latter’s track titled “Let Me Calm Down” is the subject of many conversations surrounding the album right now.

An excited Nicki Minaj took to X amid the album release to personally thank J. Cole for guest starring on PF2 and revealed that she and the Dreamville rapper chopped it up for hours, days ahead of him sending his verse. When J. Cole’s Dreamville label posted the song on X, Nicki replied thanking the page for posting and penned a heartfelt open letter to J. Cole.  “This man J. Cole had a 2 hour talk with me. 2. Two!!!!” Nicki began. “Didn’t realize I was sitting on a therapist couch but ummm [open mouth emoji] 2 days later I heard this verse & couldn’t stop crying. The end.

“In a world where we know EXACTLY how & WHEN to tear each other apart, there are still Kings & Queens who know how to put ppl back together,” she continued. “Patch them up. Heal them. Empower them. Understand them. Listen to them. Make them do the most beautiful thing a human being can do. Smile.”

Nicki appeared to be inspired by how the interaction went between her and the prolific rapper and it even led to her gushing about her 3-year-old son and sharing a sweet anecdote about his first smile. “After having #papabear I couldn’t wait for the day he’d smile @ me. First smile? It was one day when I blew a kiss @ him. I said ‘papa mmuuuaahhhhh!!!!’ then? Time froze. Froze. He smiled? He smiled. At Me? Looking directly in my eyes? Yes.

She continued: “Me? Held back the tears & just kept doing a billion more times,” she added. “I cried later. I’ve been trying to make him smile every day since…lol he actually makes me crack up laughing all the time. No idea where he got all that personality from but y’all pray for me.”

Cole has seemingly been the standout feature on everyone’s album this season. The rapper is one of the most talked about guest stars on Pink Friday 2, and this on the heels of another high-profile feature on Drake’s latest studio album that got rave reviews as well.

Nicki exuded grace and gratitude as she closed out her tribute by giving the Fayetteville rapper a personal welcome to Gag City from the Mayoress herself and alluding to their collaboration being long overdue.

“Anyway, Cole… It’s been a long time coming, but the barbz welcome you with open arms to #GagCity,” she wrote. “We appreciate you. We hope you stay.”

Barbz have been ecstatic about “Let Me Calm Down” so it’s fair to say, we wouldn’t mind him staying at all.