Newly opened call centre could create 200 jobs

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room
Cell centre officials with government/ Antigua Newsroom Photo

Arringo Ltd, announces the inauguration of its business operation in Antigua and Barbuda with an office launch on Thursday.

Arringo Ltd. is a global business solutions and customer services Fintech (financial technologies) market leader, with its origins in Malta. It offers clients a vast range of premium financial technology solutions and services, which include back and front-end engineering, business development, full marketing and branding services and customer operations support.

In its efforts to expand its global reach beyond Europe, CEO and Director Simon Camilleri upon making brief remarks stated that there are benefits for both Antigua and Barbuda and the company. He said the citizens and residents will have more employment opportunities and the venture will allow Arringo Ltd. to increase its ability to provide seamless, high-quality services to a broad range of markets and industries.

“The launch of our Antigua and Barbuda office sparks many new opportunities, most excitingly for the skilled local workforce and the attention we aim to bring to Antigua within the Fintech space as a market leader. We look forward to working with local partners and the Antiguan team. We feel our values and principles match Antigua’s and hope Antigua will embrace us as we embrace it.’’ Arringo Antigua CEO Mr. Camilleri said.

The launch took place at its offices on Old Parham Road.

In attendance from the Government of Antigua and Barbuda were Prime Minister Gaston Browne, Minister of Finance, Corporate Governance and Public Private Partnerships; his wife The Hon. Maria Browne, Minister of Housing, Lands and Urban Renewal and Minister of State in the Ministry of Legal Affairs, Public Safety and Labour; The Hon. Melford Nicholas, Minister of Information, Broadcasting, Telecommunications, and Information Technology and The Hon. Charles Fernandez, Minister of Tourism, Investment and Economic Development. There were also attendees from Corporate Antigua, the media and Arringo Antigua staff.

Arringo Ltd. is driven by community enrichment and has chosen Antigua and Barbuda because of its economic viability as well as the highly-skilled workforce that the country provides. Both Mr. Camilleri, and prominent businessman and Director of Arringo (Antigua) Mr. Jeffery Hadeed look forward to the new opportunities that are ahead for local and international partners.

“As an entrepreneur, I have committed myself to building brands that have stood the test of time; and I am very excited to be a part of this journey with Arringo in Antigua and Barbuda. I believe that Arringo will make a difference in Antigua, what we are offering is unique in the marketplace,” Mr. Hadeed stated.

The Government’s representative and guest speaker The Hon. Melford Nicholas delivered commendations.

“We are excited about the opportunities Arringo Antigua presents for job creation and further economic benefits for the country. We look forward to a sustainable relationship and wish the company great success,” The Minister said.

Arringo Ltd. is proud to pioneer business worldwide through micro and macro empowerment – making significant contributions to global economies and individual growth.

The establishment of Arringo Ltd. in Antigua and Barbuda will provide prime business solutions that cover a multiplicity of industries while offering the convenience and customization each business deserves.

Arringo is a leading company taking a modern approach to the outsourcing industry.

The global team behind Arringo started operations back in February 2018 with headquarters in Malta. While our main line of business is outsourcing, we are more than your typical business solutions provider, we believe good strategy is powerful and hard work is essential.

Made up of driven experts and smart minds, we work collaboratively across entire projects with the main aim of delivering outsourced services of quality and assurance. From Software Design & Development to Marketing and back-office solutions, we cover the full range of solutions with your best interest at heart.

With our collective experience and future-forward approach, our unwavering dedication is what sets us apart from others in the industry. We work alongside our clients every step of the way as an extension of their teams, integrating with their internal systems to ensure efficacy and effective collaboration. All our systems are built in-house and maintained by us, to function seamlessly in your environment for the ultimate customer experience.