MP Lewis Calls for Tax Reductions Based on Gaston Browne’s Excessive Revenue Collection

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

MP Lewis Calls for Tax Reductions Based on Gaston Browne’s Excessive Revenue Collection

I call on Prime Minister Gaston Browne to roll back the recent new taxes and tax increases, and instead rely on the three alternative revenue measures promised in the March 2023 Budget.

Gaston Browne promised in his election rallies and manifesto that there would be no increase in the ABST. When he made this promise, he did so undoubtedly having, as Finance Minister, all the facts and figures on the finances of the nation.

The public was also promised in the March 2023 budget that three things would be done to boost revenue, negating the need for to increase the ABST or introduce any new taxes:

Improved collection of existing taxes
Reduction of discretionary waivers
Reduction of spending, cutting wasteful spending, as well as improvements in the efficiency of the Public Sector.

These alternatives have yielded enough new revenue to address salary increases and other fiscal needs, without increasing the tax-burden on citizens and residents. The government is therefore needlessly taxing citizens and residents to rake in extra revenue, that is well in excess of what the Prime Minister claimed was required.

MP Richard Lewis observes, “It is only ethical for any government to first improve the utilization of existing tax dollars, and reduce wasteful spending, rather than massively increasing the tax-burden as their first option. Instead of using a common sense approach, Gaston Browne has decided to use the people’s pockets as a bailout for his incompetent administration.”

“The people of this country are rightfully asking: why is Gaston Browne fighting to keep this massive tax-burden on their pockets, even after he has found more than enough new revenue from other measures?” Lewis added.

“This is a head-scratcher.”

“What is the government hiding from us? Why are they brutally attacking our pockets? The people demand an answer and demand it now!”, Lewis adamantly declares.

Lewis concludes, “It’s time for a tax reset. It’s time to ‘ease the squeeze’ that Gaston Browne has placed on suffering residents and small business owners.”

Richard S. Lewis MP

Contact:Hon. Richard Lewis721-9898

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