MP Lee calls Imbert’s Xmas message ‘political trickery’

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday

David Lee File photo/Sureash Cholai

POINTE-A-PIERRE MP David Lee has accused Finance Minister Colm Imbert of “selling dreams” in his Christmas message to the country.

On Christmas Eve, Imbert uploaded a video message to Twitter, in which he promised a “much better year” in 2023.

Imbert said, “We are going to be doing all we can as a government, and me, as Minister of Finance, to distribute as much of the national wealth as we possibly can to those who really need it.

“So 2023 is a year when we’re going to go all out to use our improved financial situation to help those most in need and then help everyone, whether you’re working-class or middle-class, whether you’re in business … I wish everyone a very bright and most prosperous new year, 2023.”

But Lee described the 45-second video as “pure political trickery and deception.”

The Opposition Chief Whip said, “For weeks he boasted about the budget surplus, but if Minister Imbert truly understood the meaning of Christmas goodwill, he would have utilised the surplus this month to help fight the cost of living as opposed to selling dreams on Christmas Day.

“It is time that Minister Imbert’s fancy words, big promises, and ‘carrot on a stick’ politics end.”

Lee said if Imbert was serious about equitable distribution of wealth “he needs to deliver relief now and not when he wants.

“If the minister is worth his talk,” Lee said, “then he would utilise the improved financial situation he boasts about to reinstate the fuel subsidy which would significantly curb the rising cost of living.”

He added that if Imbert were serious about a “better 2023 for citizens of every class … he would ensure proper releases are made for holistic rehabilitation of this nation’s dilapidated road network as well as for local government bodies to undertake cleaning of rivers and other critical community-based infrastructural programs.

“The country has had enough of Minister Imbert’s ‘all talk no action approach.’

“It is time he stops telling the country about the surplus and ensures the entire country, not a selected few, benefits from this surplus through improved health care, the construction or repair of all incomplete schools such as the Claxton Bay Junior Anglican Primary School and reinstate proper funding for technical and vocational training.”

Lee said the country has had enough “lip service” from the government.

“This country has experienced the highest energy prices in years in 2022 yet citizens have not benefited.

“It is time this government end talk of the improved financial situation and actually delivers for the people or stands aside as the UNC is prepared to do so.”