More than 2 million dollars needed for Jolly Beach renovation by December

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

Cabinet Notes:

The Cabinet held a discussion around the Jolly Beach Hotel and readying it for the winter tourism season, with a possible opening in December 2022.

An estimate to prepare a number of rooms and common areas has been put forward; the cost approaching $2million dollars.

The Cabinet acknowledges that the demand for more hotel rooms in Antigua is strong in this post COVID period, and that to ready additional rooms is to benefit a number of employees and other suppliers who depend upon tourism in order to survive.

The Jolly Beach Hotel owes the Government of Antigua and Barbuda a considerable sum for unpaid electricity, water and significant unpaid taxes; the hotel severed its workers without providing them with the money which is rightfully theirs.

The Government intends to ensure that those workers receive what they should have been paid, causing severance to be computed in the reopening ambition.

Jolly Beach Hotel is under the supervision of a court-appointed receiver.