Man fined for throwing Chinese food Over Prison Wall

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

Source: Observer

A young man was fined $350 after he was convicted of throwing a bag containing Chinese food over the walls of His Majesty’s Prison.

On November 20, in broad daylight, a constable on duty observed a man dressed in a white vest and short pants carrying a white bag in the vicinity of the eastern side of the prison wall.

The man threw the bag over the wall and ran, but the officer chased him and was able to apprehend him in the vicinity of Teachers Place.

He was later identified as 21-year-old Jahvante Lloyd, of Fort Road, a convicted felon.

The youngster confessed to the officer that he had tossed “one likkle bag with a bowl of Chinese food for someone”.

When he appeared in the St John’s Magistrate’s Court yesterday he pleaded guilty to conveying.

However, he issued an apology to the court and stated that “it won’t happen again”.

Lloyd was then fined $350 by Magistrate Conliffe Clarke who gave him a week to pay.

If he fails to pay the fine, he will be imprisoned for two months.