Lovell slams Browne for his response to the conviction of his brother for rape

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

Social media was buzzing on Wednesday when news broke that the younger brother of Prime Minister Gaston Browne was found guilty of rape.

Scores of Antiguans and Barbudans took to social media, to share their thoughts on the matter.

“I am not sorry for anyone who insists on raping anyone,” one man posted. “While I am not a proponent of the ‘homes away from home business’ (also called whore houses), they are prevalent in Antigua and anyone who wants to satisfy their sexual desires can do so without the need to rape anyone.

“If that is not available and you are so stimulated, just sit on an ant nest and the ants would give you a more than a justifiable arousing. Once again, adult men must allow these kids to grow up and mature and stop trying to pick them prematurely. There is no room in our society for these filthy acts by men who know better. So your cooling-off period now commences at Her Majesty’s Pleasure and Service. Good luck there!”

While happy that the accused was found guilty, many are awaiting sentencing to see, if, in their estimation, the punishment will fit the crime.

One man posted: “I’m waiting for the sentencing to see what the outcome will be to see any big wig ago save he!!”

Several others are now calling for a predator alert system to be implemented in communities throughout the country.

“We need a predator alert for each village. Let’s know who they are publicly.”

“God really not sleeping for nobody. Gaston scandalizing UPP for having rapist on their ticket and his own brother raped a 13 year old. Is strange, the 13 year old never messaged you for help? Sad world we live in!” another person posted.

One individual said the accused should appeal the verdict as he may not have gotten a fair trial due to his relationship with the Prime Minister.

“Appeal this verdict. There is no way in hell the PM brother gets a fair trial in Antigua. The Jury has to come from another Island because look at how people speak on social media lol. Same people get selected for Jury duty? Tied legs and raped her? Really? and he knew he had to bring her back to town? She went inside and shower so she totally forgot her aunt was waiting on her phone? Seriously!”

Addison Browne, 43, who was employed as a school bus driver, was found guilty of raping a 13-year-old girl. The incident is said to have occurred in 2019.

The girl told the court that he tied her hands and feet and raped her in his vehicle which was parked under a tree. He then drove her home and threatened to kill her and her mother if she told anyone what had happened.

Browne is scheduled to return to court on July 15 for sentencing.