LOVELL: Let’s harness the full potential of our cultural assets

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

United Progressive Party Leader Harold Lovell said:

I attended a few of our Carnival fêtes this year and I was extremely impressed with the high level of creativity, organization and execution.

Fête organizers got it right in delivering good entertainment value for money.

There was an explosion of new fêtes on this year’s entertainment calendar and this signals untapped potential for “events tourism” in Antigua and Barbuda.

Our cultural product has tremendous potential to generate business activity, attract visitors and stimulate growth in our economy.

The UPP will position Antigua and Barbuda as the “Events Capital of the Eastern Caribbean.” This will include a comprehensive calendar of events that will provide holistic year round cultural experiences as a key part of the tourism product.

It will also require greater inter-ministerial collaboration, particularly among Tourism, Culture, Events and Entrepreneurship to ensure that the most beneficial amenities and attractions are provided to attendees, sponsors and the community.

The success of Carnival can be measured not only by the extent to which it instills a sense of national pride, by bringing the community together to celebrate our culture.

It should also be gauged by the impact on our economy, especially the ability to create jobs, among entrepreneurs and small businesses. #upptherightchoice #golovellgo #breakfastfete2022 #PeopleFirst