LETTER: Who the hell does Gaston Browne think he is?

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

Who the hell does Gaston Browne think he is?

Dear Editor,

I woke up on V.C Bird Day feeling a surge of pride, just like most Antiguans and Barbudans. Today, we commemorate the admirable legacy of the father of our nation.

Despite one’s political affiliations, it is undeniable that V.C Bird made transformative contributions to our country and paved the way for future generations.

However, my pride quickly turned to shock and horror as I listened to Prime Minister Gaston Browne’s presentation. His speech was nothing short of an insult to the significance and grandeur of this momentous day.

Only a self-absorbed narcissist could relate to Prime Minister Browne’s boastful claims on V.C Day, where he unabashedly proclaimed that no other leader has accomplished more for Antigua and Barbuda than himself.

This level of arrogance and contempt for one of our most revered national heroes, especially on the day dedicated to honoring him, epitomizes the deep-rooted issue that the Antigua and Barbuda Labour party will need to confront before the next general election.

Some diehard supporters of the Prime Minister may attempt to dismiss this as a mere slip of the tongue or a simple oversight, but I direct your attention to the recent bi-election in St. Mary’s South, where we witnessed another display of Browne’s narcissism.

Once again, he asserted that nobody but himself had contributed to the advancement of Antigua and Barbuda.

There is a saying that goes, “self-praise ain’t no praise,” yet in Gaston Browne’s mind, self-praise is the only praise that matters.

The level of disrespect exhibited by Browne on the podium during 2023 V.C Bird Day leads me to wonder if this is a deliberate tactic to belittle and undermine the accomplishments of the father of our nation, as perceived by Browne himself.

With such self-serving comments, it becomes evident that the Labour party is grappling with a colossal problem as we approach the next general election. One cannot help but question, “Who the hell does Gaston Browne think he is?”

Isaac Hunte 

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