LETTER: We need to face reality. Our world is in a downward spin and rapidly losing control

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room


When we take a simple glance of the world in which we live, we see mainly evil, crimes, suffering, anguish, pain, wars, divorces, domestic violence, drug abuse, and many more agonies.

It is a fast-moving global village where technology dominates the lives of most people.

One the most frightening issues being faced by our young people today is the hard truth they were born into a world where scientific advancements presented the technologies that made social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Tick Tock, integral aspects of their beings.

They did not know a world where these conveniences were non-existent. The majority spent most of their time using these platforms to communicate.  They walk on the streets texting; they sit in their classes texting; they are in religious services texting; they are having breakfast, lunch, dinner ..still texting.  It has taken over their lives. The smartphone is the first thing that the hand reaches for when many awake in the mornings.

The frightening truth  is that there will be a time soon when these technologies:  WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and others will cease to function.  Our young people do not know a world without these luxuries. When they crash, many minds will crash also.

We need to begin to educate our young people to understand that the possibility is real that sooner than we can anticipate, all these conveniences will come crashing down and they must be equipped with the mental strength to deal with such an event.

We seem to take for granted that all things will continue in the way they are presently. Covid-19 should have taught us just how quickly and easily circumstances can change and disrupt our way of life.

Sad to say, a crash of social media platforms will cause many of our people to do things that normally seem unthinkable.

Just today I sat in my parked vehicle and watched a young man approaching from the front. His head bent downwards, and eyes focused on the screen of his smartphone. He was completely engaged with whatever was being displayed on his phone’s screen. I smiled at him and commented also as he just merely missed walking directly into my vehicle.

I have also observed people crossing the streets and completely connected to whatever is happening on their smartphones’ screens.

I remember one mother commenting to her son when one day the internet service was down for several hours. The son became completely restless. He did not know what to do. He called to his mother and asked: “ So what are we going to do now?”

The mother responded sensibly:  “ Well, maybe we can now take time as a family to get to know each other.”

This may sound strange, but that is how our world is today. Families no longer eat together.  Maybe they sit at the same table for a meal, but each family member is occupied on his/her device. Dad has his Ipad, Mom has her Iphone, Son has his tablet and daughter has her Isomething. Get the point:  The technology is about “I”.  The selfish way of life.

We should understand that these technologies did not just happen by chance.  The developers spend years behind close doors, brainstorming about methods that can device to capture the minds of the people.  They have been successful and will continue to be so.

The advent of the smartphone has presented a serious challenge for our world.
Like all technology, there are the benefits. However, man has always found a way to utilize his inventions for dangerous and destructive tactics.

I am calling on parents to begin to prepare their children for the time when the technology fails.  It is something that we must consider seriously. How will we adapt in a society where these technological features fail to function….even for a day?

We need to face reality. Our world is in a downward spin and rapidly losing control.

Take heed now.

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