LETTER: UPP Is Not Worthy Of My Vote

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

Dear Editor,
Sometime ago, I posted on your portal that I was on the fence wondering which political party will be the best to govern our beautiful twin island state after our 2023 election.

Having high hope’s that DNA would be the right choice, I will admit that I was extremely disappointed with some of their candidates at their launch. At the same time, I think that DNA has not branded themselves enough to make them fit to be in the race for upcoming elections.

On the other hand, ABLP seems to have done quite a bit for this country.  They have empowered the young and old by raising their standard of living and simultaneously won the respect & hearts of many investors & world class leaders. Ofcourse, I will say that there are still some areas of weaknesses that need strengthening and perhaps will be remedied in due time.

UPP, in my view, seems to be disillusioned..  Governing a country requires proper representation.  The educational background & reputation of the candidates is of serious concern. They have not brought any standard to table.

I am certainly convince that UPP is not ready to manage the affairs of this country…  They have not shown any new ideas that can take this country to another level. Their proposed programs & policies  are (a) piggybacking on the Labour Party’s ideas and programs & (b) They focus on giving handouts rather than empowering the residents & citizens.

Again, the Chinese proverb states ” Give a man a fish he has food for a day… Teach a man to fish, he is empowered to have food for life.

Looking at UPP’s track record which I listed below even scares the day light out of me;

1. Their intention to sell our local assets State insurance & PCS & the selling of Royal Antiguan for nothing much.

2. The Laying off of employees at the Port

3. Best teachers left the system causing the education system to deteriorate

4. Dropped the common entrance passing grades causing students to be weak

5. Remove the hierchy of the police force which caused heinous crimes to be committed  daily

6. Showed no love towards our Caricom bro & Sis. Describing them as PAUPERS etc

7. Left MSJC unintended as a white elephant. until it was force to open by the ICC to host world cup.

8. Threatened Gray’s Farm people with high powered guns just to demolish Knuckle Block

9. Attempted to close ZDK & Cable TV thus causing persons to lose jobs. Judge requested to reinstate establishments immediately.

10. DISRESPECTED our elderly and called them RAG TAGS.

11. Allowed some pensioners to die without getting their pension owed to them.

12.Did not maintain Tango, a water source, causing it to become abandoned.

13. Owed Sempcorp several millions of dollars

14. Over spent on the roads aroundthe Vivian Richards stadium.

15. Allowed 3 wheel scooters received from India left to rot & deteriorate at Holberton

16. Waisted millions of dollars to create Jelly bean roads and incomplete gutters in St Johns causing severe flooding

17 Built an unfinished car park and deprived students etc of green space to recreate.

18. Left bathroom at Golden Grove & Yasco  undone. Millions of dollars wasted.

19. Owed APC causing the country to be plunged into darkness for days

20. Encouraged persons to be violent & chop up tax collectors

21. Promised no new taxes but introduced PIT & other new taxes

22. Did very little to correct the deficit of Social Security

23 Gave enormous concessions to hotels depriving the country of revenue

24.  Replace the police hierarchy with Canadians.

25. Opposed construction of a university

26. Did not reduce fuel variation as promised

27. Bau panel housing project failed miserably

28. Operate on lies, hate, deception

29. Spent millions of dollars to purchase a faulty building to host APUA.

30. Caused a judge to secretly exit her chambers for safety after making a decision

31. Lied about the many investors were waiting to invest .

32. Plunged the country into the IMF suicidal program

I am sorry to say,  it is against this backdrop, that UPP is unworthy of my vote.


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