Letter To The Minister Of Education, The Director Of Education And The Local CXC Registrar

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room
Education Minister Daryll Matthew

ON 7th January, 2022, the Ministry of Education opened a new block at the Sir Novelle Richards Academy.  Over the last four years we have seen this school grown from just a few classrooms to the level of a full secondary institution. However, I am rather disappointed with the development or rather lack of it.  There appears to be NO  planning whatsoever.

How can you have a secondary school without a SCIENCE LAB AND A LIBRARY ?

The students of that school deserve much better.  Are the CXC officials or even the local CXC registrar aware that the school does not have a science laboratory and a library ?

The students are now preparing to sit CSEC examinations for the first time and our system puts a road block in their path right at the onset. This is quite shameful.

The parents of the students of this school should be outraged. However, it goes to prove again that the people of Antigua simply accept whatever are thrown at them. The politicians and policy makers do not care because their children are enrolled in schools that have all the basic and necessary infrastructure to facilitate proper learning.

The issue of the lack of a science block and a library at the Sir Novelle Richards Academy must be dealt with IMMEDIATELY.

I am calling on the parents of the students who attend this school to take interest in your children’s education and demand that these necessary facilities be constructed at the school.  To settle for less implies that you too, have no concern about your children’s development.

The Ministry of Education mentioned that more attention will be given to the supervision of schools. Let us start with constructing a proper science block and a library at this school.

It is time that the teachers, students and parents make a stand for the children.  We pay the taxes for these things to be present in our schools. It is not a favor that we are requesting. It is the duty of the government to have these things in place. Then when you have done your given responsibilities, do not make a comedy show on the media to highlight what you should have done in the first place They are the basic necessities.

Also, please do not blame Covid-19 for the lack of these infrastructure at the school.  The school structure begun a few years before the pandemic started.  Simple planning and foresight should have guided the development process.

Our people need to wake up and ensure  that those who manage the system are accountable to the nation.

Concerned parent

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