LETTER: The ABLP Administration LIES & Deception on Olivers Village Water Access/Housing Project

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

Dear Editor, 

The Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda announced that 12 houses have been completed in Oliver’s out of the 600 homes planned for that area. I live very nearby to the said housing project. I drove to the area where the houses are being built behind of LICS Ltd on All Saints Road yesterday afternoon. 

When I reached and walked the whole area on foot of the housing project, NONE of the houses were completed. I counted 9 houses the walls are coming up from the foundation and also, they were not plastered or painted and they were without windows. The other 3 homes to be constructed are at the foundation stated with the foundation not even casted, they seemed in the process of laying steel, putting in plumbing and laying electrical pipes. 

Furthermore, I noticed that there ALOT more cisterns covered with grass than houses in the foundation state or with the walls coming up from the foundation. I would also like to mention  that in Renfrews we cannot get Government water because this government lied to the people of Olivers at the start of the year in the first Cabinet notes telling them be prepared to experience inconvenience because they are going to be digging up the the roads to lay pipes in that area, and I have driven up to that area where Mr. Wehner did a video by that BIG BLACK TANK in Buckley’s/Olivers and other areas of the Village, and there are no pipes or any digging in that area to lay pipes to give those people a basic human right access to government water. The BIG BLACK TANK on the hill was to gravity feed that area along with Renfrews and the surrounding communities, and to this day nothing has been done.  

I say all this to say the people of this country, NEVER, EVER, BELIEVER, ANYTHING, these people in our government have to say. All they do is tell lies because they know most of the people very gullible and put election handouts before themselves. I advise the people of this country to go and do their own research and see things for themselves before believing anything these LIARS put in their Cabinet notes or announce to the people of this country. 

I am absolutely fed up of Gaston Browne and his LYING cohorts and it is time for a change in the country. 


Disgusted Citizen