LETTER: Shut down the bar

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

Dear Editor.

Please allow me to voice my disgust once again concerning The so-called ” 13 bar/restaurant’ in Browns Avenue.

We have been making appeals for the authorities to take action and shut this establishment down because it is a nuisance and disgust to the once quiet community.

When will the authorities do the right thing and protect the interest of the community?

We complain about the noise…the Tuesday night Karaoke, the patrons of this bar that drive through the street at high speed and booming explicit music from their vehicles. We complain about the disrespect to the residents where patrons of this bar park their vehicles in front of gateways and pedestrian pathways.

We also complain about the litter of garbage that come from this establishment. Over the weekend, an overturned garbage barrel (from the bar) was allowed to remain in the sidewalk for a few days; with garbage littered all over.

The bar owners did not see it fit to remove the litter from the sidewalk. Instead, it took someone else to go out and remove the mess  because the individual is concerned about the health of the environment and their own personal health.

This should not be. The health authorities need to deal with this matter PRONTO!

This is complete disgust. The garbage is a prime breeding ground for rodents which have since become popular in the area.

We are once again calling on the relevant authorities to close this bar.

In the first place, no such establishment should have been given license to operate in a residential community. It is pure corruption.

When will the authorities do their work as they are paid to do?

We demand action now!  We cannot take it anymore.


J. Surhamme

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