LETTER: Shuggy cannot walk in Senator Dwayne George’s shoe

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room
George/Wayne Mariette photo

Dear Edítor,

 Many of us, including myself were concerned as to why Senator Dwayne George was immediately accepted with open arms into the bossom of the ABLP party, in such quick time.

 The simple answer is….  whenever ABLP sees talent they always welcome it, hence, they will not hesitate to take ” a reject ” and convert it into ” a meaningful subject “. Dwayne George certainly fits into such vision.

 Dwayne had an intimate bond with UPP for many years. However, he did not receive the honor that he duly deserve from the party’s hierchy….. Sadly, he was disrespected, overlooked and pushed aside for a reason that no one can justifiably give an answer to. He was treated like a woman who has been battered by a man who does not know or see the value of what that woman worth.

 Speaking with passion at the official launching in Bolans, Dwayne articulated his plans very well, shoud he become the custodian of the SMS constituency. Clearly, the blind can even see that Dwayne has the country at heart and moreso, he is very confident & very passionate that he will make an invaluable contribution to his fellowmen in his constituency & take the constituency to the next level.

 The switching of Dwayne’s allegience was not done by accident. It is evident that it was done by the Devine intervention. Dwayne responded to the cry of the constituents especially the young people within his constituency. The data from the polls that was done in the constituency, revealed the welcoming news, that Dwayne is the most fitting person to represent them in parliament.

 Clearly, Dwayne’s departure from UPP is of serious concern. It should be a wakeup call for all the current members of the UPP political party. An introspection of the party needs to be done.

Too many die hard members who were once deeply rooted in that blue corner are now switching allegiance or jumping the UPP ship. Something is definitely wrong. It does not sound good neither does it look good!

 Questions are been asked why a man of Dwayne’s caliber was overlooked by the UPP? Dwayne who is young, articulates well, humble, bilingual and a tertiary level educator of economics is not only an asset to this nation but he is certainly an asset to his very own community.

 With those qualities that he possess, there is no doubt that Dwayne can empower and transform the landscape and lives within the St. Mary’s South constituency. He is certainly an excellent role model for the youths. In my opinion, Dwayne is obviously the better candidate to be the St Mary’s South care taker.

 His personal & professional attributes outshines Shuggy’s who seems to have a myopic & one track mind on focusing on sports alone as his main plan to enhance the constituency.

 Samantha & the people of SMS can rest assure that the baton from her will be passed over into good hands who I think that Mr. George will add alot more value to the legacy that Samantha has left behind.

 Shuggy definitely cannot walk in Dwayne’s shoe. Shuggy still have a lot to learn. Dwayne’s switching of allegiance and him been welcomed into the ABLP team, is a blessing in disguise for the people of St. Mary’s South….

God works in mysterious ways!


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