LETTER: Sending a message to those in charge of the All Saints Post Office

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

Dear Editor,

I would like you to post a situation which I cannot hold back no more, on behalf of a friend.

The All Saints Post Office is deployable for a work place which is mostly occupied by women.

The staff have been complaining about numerous serious concerns, but nothing has been done.

First of all, the bathrooms need to be cleaned properly. The building has missing windows broken tiles which must be fixed.

There is TERMITE eating off the desks which need fixing.

Mosquitos are killing them and most of all there is a septic tank for donkey years which has never been sucked out and at times it smells up the place.

For the past weeks the concerns have been reported to the person who oversees the department and up to this day it has not been rectified.

Yet still, they expect the staff to work until 3:30 p.m.

The union has said that there needs to be some renovation before they can go back to the regular hours during the pandemic.

Additionally, it has been over 20 years post office workers haven’t got a raise that they can’t go bank to get a loan. It’s not approved because the money too small. They staff really do need a raise.

Please I’m asking for the person who is in charge to please investigate for a better workstation for the staff to be comfortable and healthy.

Writing for a friend.