LETTER: Questions about salary increase for teachers

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

Dear Editor,

Am I correct in understanding only teachers who upgraded their status will be getting raises in salary? CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATSAPP GROUP.

If this is the case, I cant help but laugh.  Every time a teacher completes study and their status goes up, they are supposed to get an increase. This is not a blessing, it is an obligation!

What about teachers who cant afford to study and are forced to do some cheap or free courses online?

Tell me something, is it only the ‘upgraded’ teachers who have to eat in this outrageous economy?

Is it only the upgraded teachers who have to deal with the lack of textbooks in the classroom?

Is it only the upgraded teachers who have to pay $17.50 per gallon of gas to get to school?

This move is going to seriously demotivate teachers. Notice, in most cases, these are the teachers who bend backs daily to see students get through.

These are the teachers who take money out of their pockets to feed students, and provide bus money if necessary.

If you are throwing us dogs a bone, give everyone a bone, or expect destructive fighting.