LETTER: Public Works Department we need RELIEF on All Saints Main Road ASAP

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

Dear Editor,

Let me start by saying I am an ordinary citizen like everyone else struggling to get by like most people in this country.

I know in some way or form we all pay taxes directly and indirectly in this country that we all call home.

For a few weeks i’ve noticed the Public Works Department for a few weeks in September have been patching roads all across the country. It quite obvious the government has no money to totally resurface the major roads across the country hence the constant patching.

Although the way in which the roads are engaged patched makes no sense whatsoever something is better than nothing. However, I am upset with the recent road patching the PWD conduct in September. I live on the eastern side of the island and to get to and from work every day I use the All-Saints Main Road. From the second week of September the PWD patched that particular road from Townhouse Mega Store right up Kennedys Hardware store and stopped there.

I drive a car like other not so fortunate person’s, and cannot afford a jeep or truck like the better off and elites persons in society. Starting from the elderly home past John I Martin Racetrack right up to BeLab Services is where the worst stretch of that road remains. I don’t know or want to believe it deliberate but I found it very strange that the worst section of All Saints Road has not been patched so that it can ease the pressure it put on person vehicles traveling on that said road.

Another thing I’ve noticed driving is that lots of the roadways including the newly built ones does not have proper drainage or if it does have drainage either it isn’t maintained properly or grass has overgrown where the water should be going into, hence the water settles on the roadways because it has no where to go. I think we can all agree All Saints Road from West Bus Station right out to English Habor needs to resurface totally, but this government clearly doesn’t have the money to do this therefore for the foreseeable future it seems to constantly patching roads will be the norm.

Myself  like many others has to change suspension parts very regularly with these crater ridden terrains we call road surfaces, and just like food prices gone up the price of car parts has gone up putting extra strains on people already struggling with high cost of everything in this country.

I implore Minister Lennox Weston and the Public Works Department to please send a crew to All Saints Road to finish patching the road so it can ease the pressure it places on motorist’s vehicle suspension parts.

Dornell Joseph, Frustrated Motorists