LETTER: My experience as an intern was daunted by the internal politics of the company

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

Dear Editor

Recently, I returned home after graduating with honours from one of the tertiary institutions in the US. Upon my return, I was very fortunate to get the privilege to be attached to one of the country’s reputable companies. A govt run establishment to be exact.

My six months attachment with the company made me become extremely cognizant of the major contrast between being a full time student and that of a full time employee.

I will admit that the experience of been an employee working from 8 am to 4.00 pm was enlightening but at the same time, it was somewhat mind boggling based on my observation. The transition from student to employee was welcoming but certainly not an easy task.

There was a lot to learn however, what stood out or resonated with me was the internal politics of the organization and how it negatively impacted upon the staff’s cohesiveness & productivity.

From my vantage point, the social composition among the employees seemed to be toxic & no doubt needs sanitizing. Ofcourse, alot was left to be desired.

There was a considerable  degree of personality clashes among staff members. Many decisions made by those in authority were perceived to be very pregidis, which in my view, were the main factors contributing to the social aspect of the organization to be hostile from time to time.

Surprisingly, the conflicts among the powers that be, were quite pronounced. Some staff members were discriminated against because of the institution they acquired their academic acumens. Such resulted into persons forming cliques and possé as a comfort zone. Nepotism & favoritism was also seen as a main component in the manager’s tool kit and subliminal messages & the flexing of influencial muscles were used by those in authority to communicate to their subordinates in a condescending manner.

Interestingly, it was visible that some persons were propelled up the corporate ladder by having a cozy relationship with those in authority. Alternatively, others were overlooked & treated with disdain. Unfortunately, the corporate ladder was pulled away from them and sadly they have been pushed towards the back of the corporate bus..

Be that as it is, as a young person who has witnessed such a gloomy situation on a job site, it has made me very apprehensive of availing myself as an employee in the corporate world.  Establishing my own business as an entrepreneur and becoming my own boss might be the best way for me to go. The thought of been treated unfairly & with contempt does not sit well with me at all.

It is a known fact that the execution of professionlism from those in authority should be done impartially and each employee in a company, private or public, should be treated with respect & dignity. The employment platform should be a level playing field for all. What goes for Peter should go for Paul. A hostile environment can never make an organization produce at its optimum. 


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