LETTER: Mr. Pm You Pass You Place An Outta Order

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

Dear Mr. P.M,

You are not just wrong you have really now forced us to consider just how mentally balanced you are, and whether you are confusing the routes to truth being taken in America.

I do not think you realize the images being torn down around the world are of rogues who destabilized lives of peoples of colour and the poor whom they oppressed. The heroes of our country are those who liberated us in slavery, out of slavery, through colonialism, out of colonialism and into Statehood and Political Independence.

How dare you place your filthy disrespectful hands on any of them? Who are you, a former (and we do know) leader of the Red Shirt Gang (which is operating underground) to think you have any moral authority to even discuss the men and the sole woman to whom owe so much?

You may be a one-track banker mentality, whose only objective is to attract money into the island at a level which allows you to develop your schemes to enrich yourself and family, but to be a Prime Minister requires real intellect, not the type of low-class name calling of your own citizens, and your overreaching contempt for our history and gains through the building of a two Party and Union democratic platform.

Who are you to touch the hem of the garment of a man like Sir George Walter? As a Prime Minister of Antigua you need to know your history; go to the Museum and Archives and read up on who really helped the people of Antigua to crack the backbone of colonialism on this island.

You will go down in history as instituting the longest State of Emergency as a fear tactic; Sir George Walters and the people of Antigua overturned the shortest State of Emergency anywhere. The crack was made in colonialism by Antigua people themselves before the introduction of voters from our sister islands.

Your stance truly represent the scum of politics which fails to improve you as a leader as you blast your way through all that is unjust, unfair, corrupt, abusive, oppressive, and totally lacking in any the virtues which build great leaders. You will be remembered yes, we all remember Hitler! Have Respect!


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