Letter: Is PM Gaston Browne & The ABLP Administration Serious About Children’s Education?

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

Dear Editor,

Today myself and my three daughters, attended the picket outside the Ministry of Education to protest the outrageous vaccination policy of this administration.

I was pleased with the turnout of parents and students at the picket today, however I wished at least half the country showed up to really send a message to this administration. Nevertheless, it was a good turnout.

Before I begin, I have a disclaimer. Disclaimer: I support no party whatsoever; I am a patriotic Antiguan who wants to see the best for this country and its citizens.

We have laws in this country which protects the rights of every single child in this country to have an education.

However, it seems to me that it’s the intention of this administration to oppress the people of this country and by extension their children over a “VACCINE”. This is absolutely “OUTRAGEOUS” and “SICKENING” to say the least.

Is this government really denying children an “EDUCATION” over a “VACCINE”? You see, the reason this government is very comfortable oppressing the people of this country is because we sit back complain and do nothing while they live comfortably in their mansions, driving the latest SUV’s and pickup trucks, and eating the best of the best foods.

These politicians’ children are getting the best of the best education available, while they oppress the people’s children prohibiting them from an education. As far as am aware we all pay taxes in this country in some way shape or form, and the working people pay Education Levy so we have a right to demand “ALL” children to have access to an education.

People lets reason, if everyone on the school compound “MUST” be vaccinated to work, the scientist says they are “PROTECTED”. Why then, does the unvaccinated children have to be out of school when the vaccinated is already “PROTECTED”? What is the intention of this administration forcing people’s children out of an education? Is it the intention of this administration to keep the children of this country uneducated? Just questions enquiring minds would like answers to.

In conclusion, ignorance seems to run amok in this country because the people are just sitting back and allowing this administration to oppress the people.

The people of this country need to understand if we don’t stand up and do something, the actions of this current administration will affect our people and children now and generations to come.

Gabrielle Thomas


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