LETTER: If You Support CIP, You Must Support VIP

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

If You Support CIP, You Must Support VIP

I believe that if money can justify the granting of Antigua and Barbuda citizenship to people with no ties to Antigua and Barbuda (for money) then such similar mechanism can be used to allow Antiguans and Barbudans abroad to vote locally (for money), which is my Voting by Investment Program (VIP). This is similar to the Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP) as clearly described here.

To vote, Antiguans and Barbudans abroad (can be limited to those born in Antigua and Barbuda or it can include all those people who have Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship) but who lives abroad is allowed to vote in Antigua and Barbuda elections if they meet one or more of the minimum contact requirements listed below:

They have children or dependents in the country (legal relationship) that they can prove (with clear and convincing evidence) they are supporting financially and sending necessities to.
They have an existing and functioning business or charitable organization locally (you can put other criteria on this by requiring having certain number of local employees or contributing certain amounts to SS, MBS, education taxes, etcetera).
Donation amounts in recent years to the country or people or organizations.
Bank account or bank balance at certain level (for specific periods of times or yearly deposits totaling certain amounts locally).
Home ownership (valued at a certain amount) locally.
Recency and or frequency of visits to Antigua and Barbuda.
Actual or potential opportunities the person can create based on how well-positioned they are to advance an endeavor (business or charitable) or
National importance and substantial merit of person or their endeavors

This is a genuine idea on how to raise revenue for the government that actually directly impacts the average citizens of Antigua and Barbuda. CIP substantially benefits the wealthy while my VIP benefits substantially the common folks and the revenue collection for the government. It is also important to encourage and support access to constitutional and franchise right to vote.

It is logically impossible and logically impractical for any person who believes in Citizenship by Investment to not want to provide that same kind of access to actual Antiguans and Barbudans to continue to participate in nation building, no matter where they are. Antiguans and Barbudans abroad are doing so much for Antigua and Barbuda, putting a lot of foreign investments into Antigua and Barbuda, a lot of times, just sending US currencies there, without getting any kind of benefits from this nation building and assistance.

A government for the people would reward these kinds of behavior by having these Antiguans and Barbudans participate in such vitally important proceedings (elections), that the constitution encourages people of a nation to have.

Antiguans and Barbudans abroad who are contributing significantly to Antigua and Barbuda should be allowed to vote in local elections without having to meet the mere requirement of being back in Antigua and Barbuda for the current few days that is required. The better requirement is for the Antiguan and Barbudan to meet one of the requirements listed here, even if they are not living on Island or away for college. These kinds of people should be allowed to vote. Students abroad should be able to vote, as they are simply visiting another country to study.

Please discuss in detail in the comment section. I do hope one day soon to donate $100,000 to the village of Bolans in Antigua (this was delayed by the current government stating they are not able to facilitate me in a reasonable and fair manner, so I had to decrease and still decreasing the amount I believe I am okay being the first to donate such to my village). I am not a relative or close friend of the current administration, so it was expressed no matter how nationally important and beneficial my business endeavor possession, they will not be involved in requesting or demanding for expedited decisions on the merit be made using the clear power the constitution provides them. I understand that the close relationship requirement that is needed for pre-existing duty assistance, I do not meet.

l am requesting direct responses from the Minister Chet Green, Attorney General Benjamin and Prime Minister Brown. I also want direct responses from Former PM Spencer, Leader of the Opposition Minister Pringle, Former Minister Lovell. MP for Bolans (St. Mary’s Parish), Mr. Simon.

My intent is to make every decent person’s, in Antigua and Barbuda, life easier, wealthier and safer.  Without wanting a thing in return, I do not want a single vote or a single dollar. I have enough, trust me on this.

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