LETTER: I love how ABS is pretending to be independent all of a sudden

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

Dear Editor,

Has anyone else noticed that ABS is suddenly interviewing independent and opposition candidates?

Is that the same ABS that for the last 5 years did not play their role in our democracy?

Is that the same ABS that only reported on the opposition when they were being portrayed in a bad light?

Is that the same ABS that didn’t want the leader of the UPP to deliver a  Christmas message?

Is that the same ABS where every news broadcast is headlined by what a government minister has done?

My own view is that ABS is putting on a show for international observers and the international community. They are using the candidates to make their point that the election here is free and fair.

It is also my view that ABS knows that they are loosing relevance in the media landscape and want to remain relevant. Not even the ABLP wants them since the ABLP has its own media houses.

So who is ABS really serving and do they understand their role as a tax payer funded entity with a monopoly on television news?

The reality is though, their news coverage continues to be biased and they will continue to lose relevance.