LETTER: I have been falsely accused of rape

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

I notice females commenting saying X and  Y on articles of rape trials,  and these media outlets posting half a case (just the female side of the story).

You same females who have kids now, when you were going to school you where having sex with older males (bus drivers, college students etc ) for things your parents couldn’t afford  to buy you, just so you could fit in with the in-crowd.

Yes, you males are to be blamed without any doubt.!The cases coming to light now – is it rape of prostitution gone wrong?

There’s many situations where a female will say have sex with a person for funds and if the male funds short, hmmm rape!

It’s very easy for a female to falsely call on a male, and boom male is locked up and can’t afford a lawyer, much less a great lawyer!!! You think $7,500 to $15K easy to find for a rape case?

To you males who prey on these females whether young or old you need a double mouth 12-gauge close range to your temple and shift your brain. To the left!

To the readers of this – example you remember couple years ago when the voice recording of the male and young female – “$400$ for two minutes sex?”

Police quick to charge the man for sex with a minor without checking her birth certificate. But wait, how the female didn’t get charged for prostitution?

We people in society need to stop looking at things  at face value and get the full story and then come to your conclusion.

This rape cases need to be investigated  properly, cause there’s no coming back to a normal life even if you are acquitted of said offense.

There’s  more but I’ll save for part 2.


A male who has been falsely accused of rape !!!