LETTER: I contemplated suicide twice while in the 1735 hell hole

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room


Let’s speak the truth. Or should we plead the fifth? Prison raid!!!

I was remanded for a few days, trust and believe me, 1735 is a hell hole. I contemplated suicide twice. Other people in the cell had reasoning power. They even had me see the consultants the prison provides. You get a phone call once every two weeks for like 3-5 minutes.

Food: On remand, if you are lucky you can get permission to get outside food, but you get breakfast between 6 am to 7am (which is nothing much). Lunch (11 am to 12 noon). After that you suck sarl until the next morning!!!!

Bare necessities. (Soap, toothbrush and paste, toilet paper). You have to buy from the prison or have someone bring them for you. You bathe once a day!!!  The bathroom is green nf with algae etc., Let’s not even mention the area where you have to do a #2.

Let’s speak about the cells. Three bunk beds but 8 to 10 inmates or even more!!! Maskita, rats big like a Toyota passo. Thank God for the fan in the cell. The inmates got creative. Very, very creative I must say. Cause my second night gas dey a heng me, and an inmate made everyone in the cell some tea.

Before I go further, you judgemental people, this is remand. (I’m innocent until proven guilty). One inmate was like “yo, call ur girl or ur mom or whoever and clear your head and calm your mind, but remember to top back up the phone, and delete numbers. Blessings youth!!

You wanna know what 1735 feels like? Go in a garbage truck at night and just just stand up in the back of it with trash in it. It’s still 10 times worse at 1735.

I can understand the raid when it comes to weapons etc., but a kettle, hot plate, food? Not even drinking water in Dey!! And you take away an igloo (where u have to buy a half bag of ice for the same as a full bag, and bear in mind the ice done ah melt.

Prison ain’t no bed ah rose, but damn, 1735 is a breeding ground for mental health issues. Honestly, some type of prison reform is needed, because you come out more effed up than you went in. I was only in there for five days and it felt like five years. Sometimes just to keep your sanity you just need to hear a loved one’s voice. Honestly, that raid did more harm than good.

Must say big respect to the innocently charged people, governor representative Wendel Robinson a.k.a Johnny Cochrane, a.k.a Matlock, a.k.a Perry Mason.

Is like people current after carnival when the APUA rasta man shows up. I’m out.

My two cents