LETTER: Gov’t should stipulate where bars and night clubs should be located

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

Dear Editor,

I am of the opinion that there should be stipulations from the gov’t as to where bars & night clubs should be located.

Throughout the country, these clubs & bars are beginning to open like wild fire.

Some of these fun filled night spots are in the heart of villages close to the elderly, who for medical reasons cannot tolerate the loud music along with the loud chatter sometimes polluting the air with indecent languages.

In addition to the high decibels from the sound systems along with the outrageous conduct of some patrons, many times, empty beer bottles etc can be seen littering the immediate surroundings after the night’s activities.

I will certainly agree that all mouths should be fed. But, at the same time, everyone deserves respect & tranquility wherever they reside.

Therefore, I am making an appeal to the Govt to implement a system similar to that of DCA to carry out an inspection of the propose site before a bar or night club owner gets their license to operate and open their place of business.

An inspection should also be carried out to those who presently operating.

Some of these bars & night club owners can be very inconsiderate for the elderly & residents alike…… Everyone deserves and is entitle to a peace of mind


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